Pipin Pin

HDWR LG PIN 2_79.jpg
HDWR LG PIN 2_79.jpg

Pipin Pin

99.00 199.00

Brass Large Pin |  Scattered  B L O O M S

{ p l a t i n g } available upon request - gold, matte gold, rose gold + silver

- subject to price increase -


----- S A M P L E S A L E -----

Our personal stash of samples are the perfect option for all you last minute bride babes. Impeccable condition - these samples are used only a few times a year during our collection launch + photo shoots, the rest of the year they are nestled in comfort at our studio. We would love help perfect your look (even if your wedding is next week!).


Get in touch - we can answer all the questions you have to help make your decision a confident one!

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