F/ Scratch

Inspiration for the 2018 HDWR collection was right in plain sight. With Minnesota winters, summer days demand your attention. My day starts with a stroll around the park nearby along with our daughter, Perry and two pups, Red + Bert. While I should look up, I so often find myself looking downward on the sidewalk as we jaunt...making sure the boys don’t pick up something they shouldn’t or I don’t nail a rock just right and send Perry’s stroller kiddywampus. It’s this view that spurred my obsession with shadow play. 

The leaves on the trees suddenly had more personality than I ever gave them. A young bloom could be a tall beast in the right light. And with the right wind, all of mother nature’s creations had a dance that reminded me of giddy school girls and the feeling of first love.

I started by plucking along the path - the wild flowers had me most intrigued. While my grandmother would call them a weed and tell me how they are invading the gardens, I couldn’t tell the difference - they were dainty, understated and beautiful. And with the sun’s help, a weed shadow or a bloom shadow - each was as distinguished as the next. 

This was my epiphany moment for the collection. I devoted the next few months on capturing mother nature’s thumbprint and applying it to modern materials.

A dose of both literal and abstract shadow interpretation, the designs are completely handmade + 100% authentic from sketch to creation.

I cannot wait to share more with you! For now, here is a behind the scenes look at our collection in the making.



Bridal: It's more than ivory.

What's Your Hue?

I'll be the first to admit, color is not my strength. However, muted hues are so easy to fall for - offering just enough personality (not to mention, versatility). We're working on some new magic - for the ceremony, the reception + over to the beach. 

It's all about weathered + earthy elements with luxe + rich ribbons. We think the pairing couldn't be more natural, but you tell us?

{Honeymooners} take note - flirty hues and bold earrings, coming your way!



Join Us.

This  F A L L > >

Stockists, take note - Join us for the One Fine Day bridal market at Studio 450.

We'll be showcasing among a killer line up of fashion forward designers. {N O W} booking appointments Friday, October 6 - 9th. Please email Ashley to nab your spot: ashley@abellie.com or give us a ring 651.428.2522

*We know market gets crazy, so many spots - so little time. While appointments are not mandatory, we appreciate them! A little structure is very helpful to the busy weekend. If you are in between gown appointments and can only drop in, we will still welcome you with open arms! 

See you in NYC.