Can I order a sample of any sash?

All of the a.b. Ellie sashes available on our site are available to be requested as a sample. We will try our very best to send the desired color, however ivory is typically the color most often available. Regardless, a swatch of the color desired will be included for you to keep.


How do I order a sash sample?

To request a sample, please select either the option to try 1 sample or option to try 2 samples from the Try A Sash tab. You will be prompted to fill out a Try A Sash form outlining the styles/ swatches requested and dates needed upon submission. Finally, confirm your order at checkout by providing your necessary shipping and payment information. Your order will be confirmed within 24 hours and usually shipped within 48 hours unless otherwise noted. We recommend you request the sash sample at a time when your dress is available to you; you will have the best visual if you are able to try the sash on with your dress during a fitting.

If you have any thoughts or questions to ask before ordering, please get in touch by or by phone at 651.428.2522.


How much is a sash sample?

Each sash sample requested is $20.00. Up to two (2) sashes per shipment ($40.00 + shipping).  If you decide that you would like to purchase a sash within 14 days, the sample cost (up to $40.00) will be deducted from the final purchase price using a coupon code provided in your Try A Sash shipment.


How long do the samples take to arrive?

All samples can usually be shipped within 48 hours of the request unless otherwise noted. Depending on location, your shipment should arrive within 2 - 5 business days. Enjoy the sample(s) up to three (3) days.


How do I return the samples?

Following your three (3) day trial, we request you ship the sample back properly packaged as you received it. All tags must still be attached. A UPS return label is included and clearly dated so that you can easily ship the sample back on-time. You will need to drop the package off at a local UPS store or arrange your own UPS pick up. Once received, we will confirm with you that the shipment made it back.


Handling the sash samples

Please treat this sample as you would a brand new one; it needs to be returned in the same condition as sent, otherwise the customer will be held responsible.  If samples are damaged or lost, the customer is liable for the full retail listed price at Damage can mean broken beading, stained or discolored ribbon, sever ribbon runs, contains noticeable wear or any other minor differences than when shipped.


Do you offer samples outside the United States?

We can send samples outside the continental United States; including Canada, Mexico and overseas.  Additional charges apply depending on the destination; please contact us if you would like to arrange a sample to be sent.


How do I purchase the selected sash?

Once you have tried the sashes and selected the perfect style for your look, you may purchase an a.b. Ellie sash, handmade just for you, at You may also call in your order to 651.428.2522. If you choose to purchase the sash, your sample request payment will be deductedfrom the total at processing with a personal coupon code. Purchase must be made within 14 days of returned sample to receive refund. Refund up to $40.00 if two (2) sashes were sent.


Terms and Conditions

Final Purchase: a.b. Ellie is not responsible for the final purchased sash following shipment and seven (7) day return window. No refunds, exchanges, or returns following the seven (7) day return window; this includes custom or non-custom orders. Any alterations to the sash, such as transforming it into a belt are done at your own risk and cost.  If you notice any problems, such as a broken beading, discoloration or runs in the ribbon upon arrival, you must inform us within 24 hours of receipt to discuss the problem and reach a solution.

Refund Terms: After samples are returned in satisfactory condition, if you decide not to continue with the purchase of the sash the transaction is complete and your $20.00/per sash request is the fee incurred. We will however, refund your request payment if a purchase is made within 14 days; refund includes up to two (2) sashes (up to $40.00).


The a.b. Ellie Try a Sample program is not affiliated with any retail stores selling a.b. Ellie product; all offers are solely applicable at and cannot be applied elsewhere.

Please refer to our Policies page for additional insight. If you have further questions, contact us by email at or by phone at 651.428.2522.