A.B. Ellie is a bridal accessories label. We specialize in the design and creation of elaborate and custom bridal sashes. Each piece is individually sewn to be unique. We use only the finest materials and jeweling to create these stunning pieces .

As seen on the bridal runways, a level of simplicity has been labeled the new standard for beautiful. Today we find that it is the details that distinguish every bride’s look. The sash is a perfect accessory that allows every bride to capture her distinct personality, individual style and timeless beauty.

We came across the idea amidst the dress hunt for my sister’s wedding in the summer of 2009. Being the unique women that she is, she wanted her look on the big day to be much the same. A certain accessory caught her eye; intricate in every detail, beautiful on so many levels and truly a piece that captured her individuality. This certain accessory was a sash. 

Being a piece on the tail end of her budget, she still invested in a piece that she could call her own. We thought every bride should feel this sense of individuality, for in fact, every bride is. Her look should capture who she is on her wedding day, nothing more and nothing less.

Unique to their generation, today’s brides have made customization a priority in every decision, especially those involved in the planning of their weddings. We took these concepts and launched a.b. Ellie April of 2010.  A.b. Ellie is family owned and operated by Ashley, Danielle and their mother Tami in St.Paul, Minnesota.


P: 651.428.2522